Old Meets New

Embracing technology in one’s piano teaching practice with Dr Archie Chen.

Wednesday 21st November, 11am to 1 pm, DIT Conservatory of Music & Drama, Chatham Row, Dublin 2

Incorporating Historically Informed Performance Practice (HIPP) & Information Technology in the Piano Studio

Piano teaching is a demanding art requiring teachers to have knowledge not only about piano technique, but also musical, social and cultural context while developing a student’s individual approach to performance. Ideally, knowledgeable teachers transmit this information to their students, and the students engage with the works to develop their own interpretations of the compositions being studied. In order to arrive at a performance that is historically informed, extensive research is necessary, utilising numerous means that range from the use of period instruments specifically for early music, to historical evidence in letters, treatises and printed music, examining parameters such as tuning, tempo, rhythm, phrasing, articulation and dynamics.

How a teacher transmits this information is rapidly changing. I will explore ways of combining the old with the new to further enhance one’s piano studio and teaching practice. Technology has never been the forefront of a traditional piano studio. Most teachers over 40, like myself, didn’t use anything more than a metronome or tape recorder in our own studies. As teachers we must always evolve and in future it will mean embracing technology such as apps, websites and social media.

In this age of rapid technological growth, it’s important to understand the tools available and utilise them in appropriate ways to achieve desired goals in piano pedagogy. Utilising the latest cutting edge digital technology and combining it with more traditional (paper & research) forms can be incorporated into piano lessons for greater effectiveness and impact. There is really no way to tell what the future of music and piano education holds. One thing is for sure, technology is continuing to evolve and with it, teachers will need to stay current and keep adapting.