The Systematic Piano Methodology by Prof Christian A Pohl

What is the goal of our work as piano teachers? What do we want to achieve in the many years we have been working with students? The goals are manifold: to awaken the love of music and music-making in the student, the tonal-aesthetic imprinting (What is a “beautiful” sound?), the ability to bring out time structures, to get to know and love repertoire of different style epochs and of course the development of technical skills.
In addition to these goals, one aspect is of crucial importance to me: in my eyes, a central goal of teaching is to lead the student to independence. Perhaps it is a characteristic of good teaching how independently a student can work after 6, 7 or 10 years of piano lessons.
The Systematic Piano Methodology aims to support teachers in consistently guiding students to work independently. The lecture will explain how the piano methodology developed by Prof. Christian A. Pohl prepares traditional and new knowledge and makes it available in a simple form so that teachers can anchor concrete knowledge in the student and introduce the student step by step to independent work.
The lecture will present examples of methods and concepts of the methodology. 

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